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There's a wide range of shots here so I'm sure you'll find some that suit your needs. I shoot in 4K and resize to HD, which produces very sharp video. Enjoy :)


  • Pan Across Buckingham Palace At Night 40173979
  • Bullet Magazines Rotating Closeup 40173978
  • Big Waves On The Beach At Night 40173956
  • Liquid Butter Pours On Box Of Popcorn 40173955
  • Moving Through Ancient Building Ruins At Night 40173954
  • Passing Calendar In Moody Lighting 40173953
  • Passing Rugged Mountain Waterfall In The Evening 40173952
  • Rural Road Late At Night 40173951
  • Windswept Grassy Cliffs By The Sea At Night 40173950
  • Huge Ocean Waves Smash Against Rocks At Night 40173940
  • Candle Lights Classical Still Life Arrangement 40173938
  • Candle, Skull And Maps On Desk - Historical Settin 40173937
  • Cream Pours On Strawberry Dessert 40173936
  • Domino Pieces Lined Up Tracking Shot 40173935
  • Industrial Blue Light Flashing 40173934