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There's a wide range of shots here so I'm sure you'll find some that suit your needs. I shoot in 4K and resize to HD, which produces very sharp video. Enjoy :)


  • Large Bare Tree Under Full Moon 37907824
  • River Water Swirling In The Dark 37731294
  • Roof Tops In Snowstorm At Night 37731293
  • Rotating Shot Inside Old Tree At Night 37731292
  • Row Of Cows Feeding At Night 37731291
  • Scenic River In The Wild At Night 37731289
  • Sheep Chewing Grass In Field At Night 37731288
  • Small Frog In Tropical Rainforest At Night 37731287
  • Terrapin Floating In The Water At Night 37731246
  • Tiger Resting In The Dark Focus Pull 37731245
  • Tree Framing Full Moon In Night Sky 37731244
  • Passing Decorated Christmas Tree 37731209
  • Passing Christmas Tree With Baubles 37731207
  • Slowly Smoking Coals 37731205
  • Vintage Microphone Rotating On Black 37731204