Welcome to my portfolio! I am a travel photographer and videographer. Devoting most of his time to improve my photos and create new creative works.


  • Woman hiker on the picturesque coastal cobbled 38156849
  • Mountain hill with the palm tree, overgrown with 38065504
  • Cultivated coffe plantage. Branch with green 38065503
  • Cultivated local coffe plantage. Branch with green 38065502
  • Small house nestled into the steep rock overgrown 38056380
  • Woman hiker with backpack in rocky terrain on a 38056377
  • Woman hiker on the cobbled misty path on the 38056375
  • Hanging feet with trakking footwear after long 38056372
  • Banana fruits on the way a Paul valley on Santo 38056369
  • Mountain peak of Xo-xo valley and agaves plants on 38056366
  • Mysterious sunrays shining on mountain peaks in Xo 38056363
  • Breathtaking panorama of a steep gorge with 38056356
  • Local stone houses surrounded by sugarcane 38056355
  • Tourist in hoodie in Aranhas valley hiking from 38056353
  • Woman hiker on the stony trekking trail in front 38030524


  • Dry golden wheat spikes in a filed. Slow motion 35597284
  • Tropical rain over the bamboo homestay huts on the 35101189
  • Homstay hut in beautiful blue lagoone and some 35052956
  • Homestay on Kri and Monsuar at Sunset, dusk. Calm 35052928
  • Travelers chat chilling at the Pier after diving 34989927
  • Grilling barbecue meat on wood coal. Man turns 34771806
  • Straw steams in foreground. Bales of hay in a 34759776
  • Dry golden wheat spikes in a field, slight slow 34739503
  • Pan footage over the last standing straw steams in 34739502
  • Beautiful long white ocean waves rolling to the 34614260
  • Pan over coconut palm trees and Tegalalang Rice 34613087
  • Rock in Tembeling Coastline. Ocean Waves moving 34554718
  • Oocean waves rolling to the sandy Atuh beach 34543917
  • Ocean waves hitting Tembeling Coastline at Nusa 34543916
  • Branch of Red Heliconia flower in wet season rain 34541539